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Editing Awards

In 2022, Shira was nominated for the Israeli Academy Best Editing Award of "After Midnight: The Darkest Secret in Town" by Keren Shayo. 

In 2019, Shira was nominated for the Israeli Academy Best Editing Award of "Incitement" by Yaron Zilberman. The film won Best Picture and became Isreal's submission for the Oscars.


In 2016 Shira won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Picture Editing of "Our Father" by Meni Yaesh.


Shira also won the Best Editing Award in Haifa International Film Festival, 2016, for editing the feature film "Antenna" by Arik Rotstein.

In 2009 Shira won the Editing Award in Doco Challenge 

International Documentary Challenge for editing the short film "The Walking Man" by Noam Pinchas.

Shira is a voting member of the European Film Academy.

Festivals and Film Awards

"Incitement" (2019): a film by Yaron Zilberman, official selection for the Toronto International Film Festival and winner of the Israeli Academy Best Picture Award. It was Israel's submission for the Oscars.


"Family in Transition" (2018): a documentary feature film by Ofir Trainin, winner of Best Documentary film at DocAviv film festival. Qualified for U.S Oscars 2019.

"Our Father" ("Avinu") (2016): a feature film by Meni Yaesh (Transfax Productions), winner of Best Actor Award in the Jerusalem Film Festival 2016.

"Our Father" was nominated for 12 Awards in the Israeli Academy Awards (Ophir Awards), and won the Best Actor and Best Editing Awards.

"Antenna" (2016): a feature film by Arik Rotstein (Transfax Productions). Winner of Best Editing Award in Haifa International Film Festival 2016. The film was also selected to participate in Warsaw Film Festival.

"Room 514" (2012): a feature film by Sharon Bar-Ziv. Selected to participate in several leading film festivals such as Rotterdam, Tribeca, Cannes, Tokyo Filmex, Karlovy Vary and many more. Won a special jury mention in Tribeca Film Festival 2012, director's prize in Granada Film Festival, Best New Narrative Director in Tarkovsky Film Festival.

"Under the Heavens" (2019): a short film by Gustavo Milan, winner of the Best Latino Student Filmmaker Award of the DGA.

"The Apartment" (2015): a short film by Yotam Wax. Selected to take part in Portland Film Festival 2015 and in Seattle International Film Festival 2016. Winner of Best Short Film in Marbella International Film Festival 2016.

"Mind The Gap" (2013): a short film by Tom Darom, winner of best film in ImproAction Festival of short films. Participated in numerous international film festivals.

"The Walking Man" (2009): a short documentary by Noam Pinchas. Winner of the 2nd Prize and the Editing Prize in "DocoChallenge" International Documentary Challenge. 

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