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"Our Father", a feature film by Meni Yaesh, cinematography by Ram Shweky. Transfax Film Productions, 2016.


Israeli Academy Award - Best Picture Editing

Israeli Academy Award - Best Actor Award

Jerusalem Film Festival - Best Actor Award 


Ovadia is an orthodox Jew – and the toughest doorman in Tel Aviv. But there's one wish he can't fulfill with his fists: a child with his wife Rachel. They've been trying in vain for five years. To pay for an expensive course of treatment, Ovadia agrees to a deal with the small-time crook Shalom and works for his gang as a debt collector. When Rachel get pregnant, for Ovadia the collaboration with Shalom is over. But Shalom wants more, he's planning a bigger job. Our Father is powerful, poetic gangster cinema, characterized by the weighty presence of its leading actor.

The film was one of five films nominated for the Best Film Award at the Israeli Film Academy Awards (Ophir Awards).

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